We are a full-service short sale company (not just a realtor) and It’s not just our business, it’s our mission, because we been through this ourselves. This, in and of itself, should be enough, however:

  • We only work short sale transactions and have extensive resources no Agent alone can come close to matching. Short sales transactions are our business. (We have closed over $160,000,000 million in short sales) 10% of this transaction is getting a contract. 90% of the process is: knowledge of delegated price ratios, lender contacts/processes, working additional liens, escalation capability with your lender, value dispute, program knowledge etc. If you choose to use merely an agent, make sure they have closed at least 1000 short sales (and 50 with your specific lender) or you will find yourself severely disadvantaged.
  • Our process is extremely low impact and, often can be done without signs so that no one is aware that your house is for sale- unless you choose to tell them. No home prep or repairs are needed/expected. We take the perceived stigma out of this process
  • We have long-standing key/high level relationships with lenders, which are paramount to a successful short sale transaction. Most lenders cut their short sale departments by two thirds over the last 3 years. If you don’t have these contacts and relationships, your odds of success decline exponentially.
  • We have a 96% success rate and 75% of our clients receive relocation money from their lenders
    I have been through this. Nobody knows the emotional dynamics and the uncertainty until you’ve lived through the need to short sell your property. We minimize the emotional impact of this process
  • We have detailed knowledge of the loss mitigation ratios used by your lender – Getting a contract on your property is less than 10% of the equation. Knowing these ratios, for each lender, is essential.
  • We have a large dedicated staff working daily with your lender. We know WHO to speak with and what they need to hear.
  • Our services never cost you. We get paid by your lender, at closing, only if we get YOU to your desired result.
    We work with the top real estate attorneys in the U.S. and, thus, our clients obtain free legal counsel that is worth thousands. Have a legal question? We can get you solid answers.
  • We have buyers lined up to purchase our properties and quite often they go under contract in the first seven days and you can determine the closing date up to four months out. This buys you breathing room and time to plan.
  • We have worked on over 3500 short sale transactions over the last 7 years and this is ALL we do – we have virtually seen it all
  • Your lender will most likely value your property much higher than Its current market value – We know how to challenge those values and win
  • We know how to escalate files to key lender contact and how to stop foreclosures
  • We have a software platform that tracks everything and all interactions with your lender so there is no chance your lender can claim they never received documents (sound familiar) Keller Williams is the largest residential real estate brokerage firm in the United States. Ranked highest and best by JD power and Associates three years running.

Rob Carrino

President, The Short Sale Mitigation Group

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