Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Townhouse

I initially came across Rob Carrino when searching for help with a short sale. I was impressed by all of the information on his website and reached out to him. I got a very fast response from him with a personal video recorded just for me! He helped answer all of our questions and never pressured my husband and I at all – just expressed an interest to help whenever we needed or were ready. Rob, Brenda, and Julie were so great to work with and everything went very smoothly. They were always very helpful, never made me feel like any of my questions were stupid, and quick to respond. I am so thankful that they were there to help us navigate the confusing process of our short sale. I definitely recommend talking with them to see if they are the right people to help you. I think that you will find that they are!

Response from Rob Carrino

Thank you for the kind words and NO question is stupid when it comes to this type of transaction as NONE of us thought we would be in this situation. Thanks for being so helpful and understanding. Blessings!!