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Sold a home

I had the pleasure to work with Rob a couple of years ago when I thought I was going to lose my home to foreclosure. Rob’s business acumen and expertise saved me from foreclosure, and in just a couple of weeks, he had a buyer for me to short sale my house. He also worked with the mortgage company so they would not come after me for the difference. I settled to the fact I would be renting for the next 7-10 years due to my credit hits. However, now in 2015, my income has improved but my credit is still on somewhat shaky legs; I reached out to Rob to see if there was any possible way I might own a home again.
As usual, Rob and his team went into immediate action. Literally in a WEEK, I was preapproved for a mortgage through one of his networks and have been out looking for my new home with one of his agents.
This is still surreal to me; that I am going to own again just 3 years after short selling my home.
No matter your current situation, I urge you to at least call and speak with Rob to see how he can be of service to you. And that is his attitude: How can I serve you. So very rare in today’s world.
Thank you, Rob for everything you have done for me and my family.

Response from Rob Carrino

Thanks Mitch!! How cool to see you moving on to the next chapter and SO quickly. It is such a pleasure and a privilege serving you and your family. Godspeed my friend!