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What is a Short Sale?

A short sale ia an agreement in which your mortgage lender(s) agree to accept a payoff on the loan for less than the balance. Many lenders agree to a short sale because they receive more of the loan balance in comparison to the amount they would gain from selling the property following a foreclosure. This process also aids in maintaining home values in the community the property is located and helps the homeowner maintain a better level of credit compared to a foreclosure.

In most instances, homeowners considering a short sale must meet specific criteria to qualify: you must be behind in your mortgage payments(not Always required – certain exceptions apply), provide evidence of economic hardship, and have little or no equity in the property.


Its Not Just Our Business Its Our Mission

Because we have been through this ourselves

“Our Company exists solely to provide a dignified, NO COST exit strategy – executed in a way that most won’t even know your home was sold (We even sucessfully market without signs or lockboxes).I started our short sale company as a result of having our personal home an 10 inversment properties foreclosed upon in 2008. My family endured the heavy handed tactics that banks use on homeowners.

We provide a soft landing, with minimal impact, for people who no longer desire to keep their property, but owe more than its worth. Our services help you resolve this issue on your terms, not your lenders.”


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