Common Misconception and Mistakes


Myth #1: What Is The Number One Mistake Distressed Home Owners Make When Deciding To Do A Short Sale?

Not Getting A Short Sale Specialist. 95% of agents have no real idea on how to do short sale, regardless of what they might say. An agent being located close lends virtually nothing to this complex process. This transaction is process intensive and getting a contract is the Easiest part, (knowing what $$ value is also key and the majority of agents who attempt a short sale begin the mistakes here.) Any agent can price a property low and potentially get a contract….. Then, the real works begins.

Myth #2: Thinking you have to pay for a short sale agent.

We are 100% paid by your lender, meaning, our services never cost you a cent!


Very few agents specialize and work Short Sales exclusively. As a result this nontraditional real estate transaction can go wrong very quickly by someone who doesn’t deal with Short Sales on a regular basis. Our success rate is over 90% and we average 90 days, start to finish.

Myth #4: I will have to fix up my house to sell it.

Buyers are getting a great deal and they know they are getting it AS-IS. You will not have to do any
prep work or repairs at ANY TIME.

Myth #5: You can’t short sale if you have more than one mortgage.

75% of our completed/closed short sales have two or more mortgages. The first mortgage holder provides funds out of their short pay to compensate the additional mortgage holders so they will release their liens. The junior lien holders realize if they don’t accept this amount, they will most likely end up with $0.

Myth #6: My Lender will never forgive the amount I owe.

Absolutely they will and here is why: It’s all about the money with your lender(s). They will recoup, on average, 24% more through a short sale than if they have to foreclose. If you help them mitigate/lessen their loss, they will let you out of any balance. They play nice so they end up with more money. It’s that simple.

Myth #7: My Neighbors will know…

WE MARKET WITHOUT SIGNS AND MOST TIMES, NO ONE KNOWS YOUR HOME WAS EVEN FOR SALE. We are able to do this because of our vast amount of on line marketing as well as our network of investors actively seeking newly listed short sales.


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