Avoid Foreclosure

We are experts at keeping foreclosure auctions from occurring. We have a tried and true strategy for getting lenders to postpone auctions. We also have years or experience working with lenders on short sales so we have the high level contacts needed to have auctions postponed. We also know Exactly what your lender is looking to see and hear regarding foreclosure alternatives. We know there hot buttons because this is all our company does and we have worked on over 3500 short sale transactions.

Lenders are willing to work with us/you because of our track record with them. They know we will bring them the best offer possible and tht we perform. They also are willing to do this because they will lose less money than if a foreclosure occurs. Based on US Treasury statistics, a Lender will loss 22% LESS if they accept a short sale. They agree to Excellent terms (letting you out of the balance, more time in the home, and potentially even relocation assistance because they lose less money! Call us or email today for a confidential analysis of your situation. Our whole process, start to finsh, is always no cost to you. If we get you the outcome YOU are looking for, we will be paid by your lender.


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